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Are you looking for a Web and Graphic Designer that can provide designs to your product, assures realistic expectations for a very reasonable rate, and does all the extreme Graphic tasks you can possibly think of? You should consider me now and let's build a healthy relationship.


Let me share you a bit about me.


I've been in Web and Graphic design Industry since 2010. My skills in Web and Graphic design are all self-learned through self-motivation and determination. I must say I have a strong passion for designing and I am today confident of my ability to design websites and graphics at its best.


I am motivated and determined in my skills. I am honest about what I can only do, with respect and with focus. I am a driven, self-taught designer who strives for client satisfaction with each and every project.


I am a published Web and Graphic Designer from different clients who know what good designers expect. Over the past 8 years in working online, I have gained "Knowledge and experience" that I can consider it as a great advantage.


My Goal is to make every client satisfied with my services by giving 100% of my effort, basically, I do what most business firms don't want to do, or cannot do well, or just don't have time to do. Consider me as one of your best Virtual Assistant and let me fill your needs.





- Elementor
- Shopify
- Simvoly 
- Wix

- Lead pages

- Landing pages

- Responsive designs

- Web sliders

- Web images



- Prints

- Label

- Packaging

- Illustrations

- Logo

- Mockups



- Buildfire

- Canva



- Trello

- Asana

- Slack



- Mailchimp
- Powerpoint 

- PDF slides

- MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Powerpoint

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